Featured Artist: Nan Nevels

LinxWest.com is excited to introduce to you to our August 2012 Featured Artist – Nan Nevels from Southern Joy Artworks!

Nan is a paper clay artist, a craft she learned while living abroad in Japan.  Her style reflects her strong Southern roots, love for children and the beauty and joy she finds in every day life.

Nan’s Background

Nan’s love affair with art began when she was a toddler, as her mother’s old college textbooks, now “enhanced” with her bright Crayola drawings, will prove.  “I even remember when I got my first box of 64 Crayons with the built in sharpener…..oh the possibilities!” mused Nan when asked how she got started in art.

Nan went on to study art in both formal and informal settings; from college pottery and sculpting classes to Japanese sculpting classes at a small local community center in coastal Japan.  It was while she was in Japan that she learned to use paper clay.  “Paper clay is a great medium for relief sculptures because it is so light-weight, enjoys various types of paint, and it air dries,” says Nan.

What Inspires Her

When asked where her inspiration comes from, Nan replied “My inspiration for creating almost always comes from nature and children…two things that always show me God’s mighty hand, amazing grace, and possibilities all wrapped in color and FUN!!!  I treasure the evenings when I can sit on the beach and watch the children giggling as they run up and down the sandy shoreline; drinking in the colors of the ocean against the evening sky. For me, it’s like getting a massive hug from God!!!”

Nan hopes that her art appropriately expresses her love and thankfulness for her amazing life.  “My hope is that people who purchase my work will just walk by it from time to time and smile…even during their most difficult days.”

Where To Find Nan

Nan can be found as a Featured Seller on LinxWest.com.  Her pieces are part of the featured items rotating display on the home page and can also be found under the category “sculpture.”  You can contact Nan to place a custom order on our site or at facebook.com/southernjoyartworks.

Nan’s creations are charming and whimsical and will sure bring a smile to everyone who sees them. We are thrilled to have Nan and her amazing work of art as our August Featured Artist on LinxWest.com.  We are absolutely sure you’ll be touched by her colorful clay dolls and love them as much as we do! Stop by LinxWest.com http://linxwest.com/items/98/folk-art and grab yours now.


Virtual Open House – Tuesday, July 24th

LinxWest.com would like to extend a welcome to all artists and crafters to attend our upcoming Virtual Open House this Tuesday, July 24th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m that will take place on our Facebook page.  During the open house you will have the opportunity to explore the site and chat directly with the LinxWest.com team.

“The goal of the Virtual Open House is to allow artists and crafters to speak directly with the LinxWest.com team and find out how the LinxWest.com site can help them in their artistic ventures” says our founder, Diana Apostolova.

This is a great opportunity for artists and crafters to discover all that LinxWest.com has to offer and to learn how artisans, just like you, can create your own online gallery to display and sell your one-of-a-kind artwork.

So join LinxWest.com on our Facebook page on Tuesday, July 24th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST, to learn about LinxWest.com and how LinxWest.com can enable artists and crafters to connect with buyers from around the world!

Featured Artist: Jon Fine

LinxWest.com is excited to introduce to you to our July 2012 Featured Artist – Jon Fine from Jon Fine Crafts!

Jon is a wooden scroll saw craftsman with a variety of unique creations such as clocks, puzzles, and decorative pieces in his arsenal.

Jon’s Background

While at a mall some years back Jon stopped to watch a scroll saw demonstration.  It was a love at first sight for Jon who found himself inspired by what the demonstrator was able to create.  He purchased a saw of his own immediately and began mastering the techniques and patience required for the wood crafting artisanship.

After he had been working with the saw for about seven years, Jon’s friends and family began encouraging him to sell his work.  Jon mulled the idea over for some time and eventually decided to take the chance and begin selling his work.

Although he still holds a full-time job, Jon now runs his own successful wood crafting side-business with his sons, Scott and Mark.  He creates pieces that are designed and inspired by his own ideas, as well as custom ordered requests from his clients.  “I find working with my scroll saw to be a therapy now,” says Jon.

Where to Find Jon

Jon can be found as a Featured Seller on LinxWest.com.  His pieces are part of the featured items rotating display on the home page and can also be found under the category “woodworking.”  You can contact Jon to place a custom order on our site or at jonfinecrafts.com.

Jon’s work is beautifully designed with handcrafted elegance.  We are thrilled to have him as a Featured Artist on LinxWest.com and we are sure you’ll love his work as much as we do!

Benefits of Online Markets for Artists and Crafters

The road to becoming a successful artist isn’t always an easy one. Often times you must contend with traveling from market to market and gallery to gallery, unpacking and repacking your work just to get it in front of as many prospects as possible. Having to be on the go and constantly seeking out new buyers and gallery representatives doesn’t leave much time for creativity.

This is where the benefits of the online market place come in to play. Online markets give artists an avenue via which to display and present their work to a limitless number of gallery representatives, buyers and art enthusiasts from around the globe.

Finding the Right Venue

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your work online, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is deciding what sites you want to connect with. I’m sure you’ve already thought about sites like Etsy, eBay or Craig’s List, but on these sites you’ll be one of thousands and you’ll have a hard time being discovered.

You’ll want to find a site that is dedicated to the promotion of handmade crafts and original art from emerging artists, a site that cultivates a support system via which artists can connect and share with each other. You’ll also want to ensure the site you choose has a payment system in place that is verified, easy to use and has minimal fees or charges to use its services.

Benefits of the Right Venue

The most obvious benefit of working with an online market place is the exposure it provides for you and your work. Online market places have a limitless reach as they are global and are open 24/7. You will be able to get your work in front of more people in a day than you could possibly do on your own going from market to market in a year.

With the right market place you’ll also have the added marketing support that a large, online market place can provide. Typically these sites create weekly press releases, social postings and blogs to get the word out about their site. Often times you can also contact them about becoming a featured artist or a guest blogger – both of which are great opportunities to get your name out there even more.

Another great advantage to selling online is the cost which tends to be a lot less than having to sell through galleries as they charge somewhere between 40% and 60% which leaves very little to the artist. Typically online markets allow you to set your own prices. This system ensures you’ll retain the most money from the sale of each of your pieces and that you’ll be in complete control.

The LinxWest Market Place

LinxWest.com is an online market place that is dedicated to helping emerging artists and crafters display and sells their work to buyers from all across the globe. They handle all of the marketing for the site at no cost to you and provide tools to assist you in creating the best online store possible.

The environment of LinxWest.com is one of connected community of artists where you can share ideas and connect with other like-minded artists. LinxWest.com also allows you to set your own price for your pieces and even gives you the option to sell your work at a fixed price or via an online auction.

LinxWest.com is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and artisan crafters and to providing them a venue to sell their work and expand their connections.