Crafty Christmas Creations – A Guide to Making Christmas Cards and Decoration

Year after year we all end up spending a lot of money on cards and decorations for Christmas, but they just never feel unique or special. So why not make them yourself using decorations and items that are personal to you?

This approach even costs less!  Here are some ideas of  on the things you can make:

  • Making your own edible Christmas decorations doesn’t guarantee they will last on the tree till Christmas, but the cookies in different shapes iced decoratively will look lovely!
  • Homemade sweets or chocolate wrapped in cellophane are a treat.
  • Instead of buying wreaths for the front door make one with natural materials and ribbons. Also you can make tree decorations that add a little sparkle to trees in tasteful and understated way.
  • Dry some oranges in the oven, then add cinnamon and cloves for that lovely Christmas fragrance throughout the house.
  • Collect pine cones and spray them with some gold or silver spray, then position them around the house for a nice little finishing touch.
  • Make your own Christmas crackers for the table.
  • Make your own Christmas stocking by decorating a knee length sock or by using felt and a sewing machine.

The first Christmas card was made in 1843. At first they were very expensive, but by the late Victorian period they became much more affordable and they have been a popular tradition ever since.

Taking up card making is easy and it does not have to expensive in the least. The first things you need are card, glue, scissors and some pencil crayons. Now you are all set to get making some simple and personal cards and the whole lot could cost you a fraction of what you might spend on branded cards in the shops.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist and you enjoy spending the time on creative crafts, then you might want to take things further with extra bits of card activity — try a card making kit. However, for those who are not so keen on getting their hands dirty, there are also online methods of designing your own cards and then it’s just a case of getting them delivered.

The wordsmiths out there can even start to write their own poems for the inside of the cards in order to lend a more personal touch to the tradition of sending cards. Personalised messages and images help to make your cards more original and they give your seasonal greetings more character.

Guest blogger: Sarah Day shares her interest on the wide range of Craft site Craft Supplies available today.